blogger, Blake Eligh, gives a rave review of Golly Gee-pers! Table Manners Cards


Although the new year is just a couple of days away, this isn't exactly a resolution post.  While everyone else makes plans to overhaul everything, the only resolution I'm making is to find peace at the dinner table.

Ms. Eligh's daughter becomes the biggest proponent.

To get there, we’re trying out two new games that I hope will entice the girls towards a calmer mealtime. First up is
golly gee-pers’ Table Manners card game. Developed by mom-of-two Staci Ericson, the dinner time game aims to improve table manners through fun and gentle reminders instead of finger-wagging (and, let’s face it, incessant nagging). We’re not super strict about manners yet, but we’ve had trouble getting the kids to stay put during meals.

The game isn’t complicated and has been a hit with our big kid. At five, she’s suddenly all about rules — reminding us, enforcing them and ratting out anyone who isn’t following them. She loves to catch me flauting the rules, but is equally excited to reward her sister for good behavior.

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