Getting kids to write thank you notes isn’t always easy. They procrastinate, make excuses and ultimately parents end up having to force their little darlings to do the right thing. Well, guess what? It’s easier than that. The trick is to tap into your child’s personality and or talents. Here are 20 ideas that will have your child not only willing to send out thank you’s but, wanting to as well.

Create a Video. (the entire show need only be 5 minutes or less. Get Mom, Dad or a sibling behind the camera then e-mail or post to Aunt Annies' facebook page).
1. Kids can dress up, use props and act out a thank you skit.
2. Kids can sing a thank you song (little ones can use the Happy Birthday tune),
3. Play an instrument (doesn’t have to be well it just has to say “thank you“ somehow).
4. Perform a puppet show using stuffed animals, dolls, toy, props.
5. Perform a “thank you” dance

Capture the sentiment in pictures

1. Kids can spell out “thank you” with rocks, sticks, leaves and other backyard treasures.
2. Take photos of your child playing with her new toy then let her make a collage.
3. Let the child get behind the camera and shoot a “thank you” photo.
4. Cut out pictures from old magazines to make a unique card.
5. Create a pretend newspaper article with captioned photo image. “Awesome Grandma gives the perfect gift!”

Put it on paper:

1. Write a poem. It can be “roses are red, violets are blue…”
2. Draw a colorful “thank you” on a puzzle card ($1.50 at craft stores). Disassemble it and send out for the receiver to put back together.
3. Draw a maze leading to the word “Thank you”.
4. Draw, paint or color a picture.
5. Write “thank you” vertically on a lined piece of paper. Then use each letter to say something nice about the gift or person.

Cook something up:

1. Decorate cookies to spell out thank you.
2. Create a thank you “recipe” (one cup of gratitude, dash of surprise etc.)
3. Make brownies or treats, wrap in cellophane tied with a handmade thank you tag.

Use Technology:

1. Skpe a thank you
2. Use fun fonts, paint and draw applications, borders etc. to make a fun computer generated card.

And, of course, if your child is willing, there's always the old fashioned thank you note.
Tell us what your children do to say "thank you."