A Guide to Children's Picture Books on Manners

Looking for a children’s picture books that inspires good manners?  

As the founder of Golly Gee-pers, a company that develops resources that make teaching and learning social skills fun, I’ve done the hard work for you.  Below is a list of 5 terrific books for children (pre-school through elementary) that will entertain, stimulate dialogue and provide guidance along the way.    


1. If a Very Important Person Invited you to lunch

Want your child to opt in to making polite choices without having to nag them? Give them a “what if “ scenario with this adorable story that follows one boy’s adventures into the world of dining with VIPs. Through simple rhyme and picture, children will explore their internal motivation to use good manners. Great for opening a dialogue or left to food for thought.


2. My Mouth is a Volcano

If you have an interrupter or just want to encourage the art of polite conversation this is a good book for you. It’s told from the child’s perspective in lyrical language that kids can relate to. Children will empathize with little Louis’ struggle while gaining insight into managing their feelings.







3. Hands are not for Hitting

Written by behavioral therapist Martine Agassi, Ph.D., this book reads like a story while helping children to identify the physical sensations that accompany anger.   As a result children learn to recognize their emotions before they become overwhelming.  Also, there are engaging questions and activity suggestions at the end.


4. The Greedy Python

 If you are dealing with a “mine, all mine” phase with your child, you and she will get a kick out of this story about Greedy Python who keeps eating everything up.  Eventually, though greediness gets him into trouble when he ends up eating his own tale.   Children will giggle their way through this humorous book and the next time the “mine all mine” beast shows up at your house you’ll have Greedy Python to help remind her to share. 


5.  If Everybody Did

If Everybody Did
By Jo Ann Stover

An oldie but goodie.  Through poetic rhyme and humor this book examines the natural consequences of our sometimes less than stellar choices.  Although intended for young children the message is equally applicable to all ages.  

Ok, one more....after all what child doesn't like "The Bears."  So self-explanatory on this one!  #6

Prince George and Princess Charlotte may have professional nannies to help their parents out, but never underestimate the power of a good book!