Grumpy is a Member of our Family

Grumpy is a member of our family.  Yes he is.  He has cute nicknames like cranky, grouchy, crabby, testy and a few more that are mumbled under the breath.  Strangely enough lots of people who know us have never met him.  That’s because he doesn’t socialize much.  He just lies around our house.  He doesn’t’ go to school, or to the store.  He certainly doesn’t go to work.    In fact, now that I think of it, he rarely goes out in public.  Yep, he’s a homebody.  It’s where he feels most comfortable.  After all, the world out there might not understand him.  They might not even like him.  He definitely feels much safer at home.

Is Grumpy a member of your family?  If so, I have some very good friends who are about to help you out.  They are Carl Fredrickson the loveable character from the movie Up; Tadar Sauce, that sour puss gone viral, Oscar the dumpster diving Muppet and Disney’s dwarf with the prickly personality, Grumpy.  Simply print out their picture (or better yet buy a plush or doll version) and set it aside.

Now, rub your hands together and with a, "moo ha haa" wait for someone in your family to feel cranky and take it out on others. When they do, bingo!   Rather than engaging in their downer of negative feelings simply retrieve your Grump of choice and discreetly place him where he will be found by the cantankerous offender.  Go ahead, you have permission to have fun with this.

For best results, try to predict where your cranky person is likely to go in the near future (that spot on the couch they left to go get a snack, leaning against a bed pillow, on top of their electronic device etc.).  No, you can't just hand Grumpy directly to him or her, as this might feel a wee bit confrontational.   Just let him be found without a word.  You can watch from around the corner and snicker discreetly as your person discovers their new friend.  Chances are your grumpy family member will laugh at his or her reflection and relax a little and just maybe (one can always hope), apologize.    After Carl or Tadar has done his job then mysteriously put him away until he is needed another day.

We've used this method in our family for several years now and it really is effective!  Not only will everyone have a good laugh but it's a great way to increase your family's EQ (emotional intelligence).

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