Redirect hot-button topics this Thanksgiving with this simple and fun game.
"I don't get it."

Please Pass The Riddles

Hot-button topics; what family doesn’t have them? Often politics is at the top of the list.  If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, here’s a fun game that will keep the peace by redirecting your group's hot button topics back to the family friendly.
Fill a basket with fun riddles on pieces of folded paper. You can print family friendly riddles for free at Just go to the "freebies" tab. Or, depending on the ages of your guests you may want more sophisticated humor.

Choose one hot-button topic that is likely to come up at your holiday gathering. As guests arrive let them know you will be playing a game called Please Pass the Riddles. The topic of politics (or whatever hot-button topic you choose) will be off limits for the day.  If a person is caught bringing up the topic any person can say, "Please Pass the Riddles."  The basket is then passed to the person who brought up the topic. This person will pull a riddle from the basket and read it aloud. As guests try to answer the riddle the conversation will be redirected away from the hot button topic and back toward fun. If playing this game at the table, have each person take turns trying to answer the riddle, before giving up the answer.

In the end everyone wins, of course. 

Have fun and have a very Happy Thanksgiving from Golly Gee-pers!