Top 10 Things Dads do to Teach Good Manners

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17!

I thought I would take this opportunity to acknowledge the importance of dads in teaching their sons and daughters good manners. After all, sons will model their fathers and daughters will learn how they expect to be treated based on watching the primary male role model in their lives.

Here is my top 10 favorite things dads do to teach good manners:

   When Dads…
  1. treat the mother of their children with respect
  2. refrain from using vulgar language
  3. attend father/daughter dances. Dress for the event and break out the date treatment; opening doors, holding her chair and be engaged in conversations.
  4. show up on time
  5. listen to other points of view
  6. allow people through when driving
  7. show good sportsmanship
  8. give compliments
  9. review expected behavior with their sons before leaving for prom
  10. have good table manners (if they need help with this one go to
Thanks dads for all you do!!!