Who Made You The Big Manners Police Of The House?

 Does anyone remember that comedy routine by Bill Cosby where the kids are fighting over pudding and one blurts out, “well, who made you the big pudding police of the house?” There were so many side splitting funny parts to that routine, but it was that one quote that stuck with my husband’s family over the years. Any time one of them started to tell the other what to do, out it would come… “well, who made you the big TV, chore, jelly doughnut etc., police of the house!” It would immediately diffuse any growing tension. Of course, it had to be said with a significant amount of Cosby flair to be effective. And so when I came up with the Table Manners Cards game you can imagine the ribbing I took at family gatherings involving meals.

Well, as it turns out that is exactly what the game does. It deputizes kids at the table to become their own manners police and gives them the authority to hand out tickets (thumbs-down cards) to manners offenders. I have to say it can be humbling for us adults at times, but if you keep your eye on the prize you will find it serves a purpose without you once having to nag, threaten or prod.

We recently had a large family gathering that included our dear 13 year old niece, Caroline from North Carolina. She spontaneously picked up the cards and in no time, much to her glee, had arrested several adults for repeat offenses. After some initial lame defenses the adults pleaded guilty and made concerted efforts to shape up. We all had a good laugh, the kids felt vindicated and everyone became more aware of their table manners. So, if anyone ever asks you or your family “who made you the big table manners police of the house,” just say, “Golly Gee-pers did.” I’ll take the heat from there.