My debut Golly Gee-pers! blog with a perspective on and in defense of a giddy person (me).

For anyone who knows me, has spoken with me or observed me from a distance they will know that I can bubble up enthusiasm for any perceived achievement the way a child bubbles up soda with a straw.  If you don't listen closely you may think I have just won the lotto instead of succeeded at setting up a twitter account.  The same goes for my personal life.  I'll  go on and on about my incredibly amazing wonderful kids.  You'd think they were genetically engineered for perfection until you realized the great achievement in question was taking their personal belongings out of the car.  I've even been known to drive friends into a jealous frenzy over my husband when I was only referring to his annual one sock pick up.  Meanwhile I'm sure they went home and gave their spouses the what for.  Sorry guys.  It took me a while to realize this misunderstanding.  One of my sister's pointed it out.  "I always feel like my life is dog doo when I talk to you," she admitted one day.  I was taken aback because I admire her greatly.  She's a beloved mother, an amazing artist, a successful business owner and exudes love and compassion.  "Everything always seems to go right for you," she explained.  At that point I realized the error.  It's not that everything goes right for me.  It's just that I' so delighted when the smallest thing does.  So, if I ever sound as if the world is my oyster and my life is just a little too happy, know that someone else besides me probably plunged the clogged toilet that morning.

Having said that, I owe a tremendous thank you to friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers who for two years politely listened to me bubble on and on and on about Golly Gee-pers! Table Manners Cards.  No, they won't solve world hunger or win a Pulitzer prize for promoting good table manners, but they did win a Dr. Toy award and for that I am so honored and just tickled to death.  "Can you believe it?  Me?  My cards?  Somebody who is somebody likes them?"  I feel like Sally Fields at the Academy Awards.  My kids are equally excited and in truth they are the ones who deserve the credit.  They inspired the game, demanded excellence and tested me every step of the way.  With that kind of help how could I not be successful?  Besides, they have promised to keep it up!